Order Cancelation Policy

 If the Customer wants to cancel the order, it must be initiated 24 hours after ordering it. Because we start processing the order within 7-8 hours. For that Customer has to Email us: support@thewearcart.com or WhatsApp us: +91-9310541400 within the time. It would be too late if the Customer takes action after the given time. We send the order for dispatch after 24 hours.

Return Policy

Customers might be unsatisfied with their product or order for several reasons. If an item arrived damaged or received a different item or did not meet their expectations. So they asked for a replacement or their money back.

Here is the good news is that it’s never too late to address the problem with a communicated policy

How to return & exchange: If the buyer wants to return and exchange the order for whatever valid reason, we are here to help you. We offer return or exchange within 7 days after receiving the order.

Expectation:- Please note the following expectation to our return and exchange policy

• Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged

• Return items must have the tag still on it

• Return item must have no visible sign of wear or use.

Additional Information

• It will take 2-3 days to receive your refunds, replacement product, or store credit

• In case of return or exchange, the Customer has to pay the shipping charges and will be deducted from the cost paid

• If your item is damaged, take a photo to send it to us on our Email: Support@thewearcart.com or WhatsApp us: +91-9310541400. After getting a photograph, we will surely replace it and send it. Our courier company dispatched your replaced order.

Returning conditions for items

• If the ordered item differs only, then the product will be changed, for that Customer has to take action immediately.

• If the customers received an item is broken, damaged condition. They could send it back to us we will surely replace it and send it

• If the Customer dissatisfied with the product quality and needs to exchange it, you can send it back within 2-3 days after receiving an item; after the due time, no return and exchange will not be replaced but in that condition will be responsible for shipping and packaging cost

• No exchange or return of damaged item after the due time. It could be replaced, but the item must have a tag and no visible sign of wearing it after receiving the product back. It would be checked and If we find it damaged or not in the same delivered condition. An item will not be changed or returned.

• If we find a postal error or any other issue regarding the correct address, we cannot deliver your order. If a customer wants to re-ordered the same has to repay for the same item’s reshipping cost, then we will send back to the correct address.

• No return and exchange for the invalid reason of the customers. the Customer has to check it properly before ordering it.

• If an item received broken, damaged, or defective is reliable to exchanges within 2-3 days only. After the given time, no return and exchange would be made

• If the Customer is dissatisfied with the product quality and needs to exchange it can send it back within 2-3 days after receiving an item after the due time NO return and exchange will be replaced. Customer will be responsible for shipping and packaging cost in case of any return and exchange


Any exchange or return will be possible only to have tags on it. If we find if broken or used or having ANY VISIBLE SIGN of wearing on it. An item will not be returned and exchanged. The product will send back to the Customer

Any return and exchange customers can Call & Whatsapp us: +91-9310541400 or Email: support@thewearcart.com. we will contact you and resolve the problem Defected and damaged items could be changed if you choose replacement rather than a refund for an item replacement order begins processing as soon as the return has been initiated