Natural Tiger Eye Stone With Zircon Bracelet

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Tiger eye stone protects the wearer from the outer force. Because of this stonework on the primary chakra as the power. It helps to earthy development for psychic power when it is the use of a third eye chakra.



Tiger eye that is beautiful and Having an adjustable beaded stone bracelet. The effect of this stone is powerful that not only helps to eliminate the anxiety and fear but also helps to place harmony and balance of mind that stimulates to take action and also helpful in making decisions. It gives you courage, self-confidence and strength of will.
It has been found mostly in South Africa, Burma, Australia. It has a lovely and attractive colour. The name of this stone related to its resemblance to the eye of the tiger eye. It contains various minerals included and is based on quartz. It classified as a quartz crystal that included various minerals bound to the quartz that gives it the real golden colour.
As this stone is profoundly stored of energy and also helps to boost the energy of wearer or user. It has been used in ancient times in Rome. This stone protects the wearer from the outer force. Because of this stonework on the primary chakra as the power. It helps to earthy development for psychic power when it is the use of a third eye chakra. Which doesn’t mean that. It is the third eye chakra stone that dispels the negativity and promotes a positive attitude inside. So the wearer gradually attains the confidence and starts optimizing their work positively, so it is worn as an amulet to give protection from evil and negative energy. It protected the wearer as a guard against curses or ill wishes and filled the user with confidence and strength.
It helps to awaken the power of kundalini, which is also known as the coiled serpent that resides base of the spine. The whole process of enlightenment starts working with the help of stabled mind that could feel the positive power from outside to inward. It eliminates all the negative energy and working to awaken the right positive behaviour accordingly. This stone starts working within the navel chakra. Which also helps to enhance your creativity.
The tiger eye has an element of fire also manifest the ability to ardent desires. The wearer takes all the action needed to the situation required are more practical. It keeps you grounded to the earth with the help of this root. The chakra that keeps you more calm and centred. The frequently vibrated function of the stone helps the people who are spaced out or the one who find difficulties to decide on doing their work.
Tiger eye stone aids to join the scattered energy so that the wearer resolve the mental conflicts got resolved. You got more abled to work with clarity. It releases all the fear and anxiety so that you can think more practically to manifest the goal. It makes you more practical and independent. It allows the wearer mind to be calm and grounding during the process of changes. As long as possible, keep this stone with your aura that is the best wat to utilize its energy as it is the most effective stone that holds all the basic needs that helps your ability to work correctly. The properties of this stone keep you grounded that takes you to the highest level. This powerful energy of the stone always helps you in your life positively the yin-yang energy of that harmonize and balance the male & female energy assist the emotional healing of the brain.
Helpful in meditation
The natural properties of the stone bracelet also help to meditate. Firstly it helps to bring harmony, peace and balance when it comes. It starts working on the ground level to stabilize as you integrate the understanding to use the light, and to help humanity. It is an excellent stone for meditation and holds the vibration to raise the power to get compassion, grace and unconditional love. It is also helpful to bring the flow of wealth and prosperity. It is also helpful to grow your business by eliminating all the negativity and resolving the problem of the wearer; it’s the fear that holds you are taking back from making the right decision. This stone aids in decision making and to release to make the correct choice. it brings good luck to the wearer

Product Details

● Length: Approx. 19cm | 7.09 inches]

● Bead Size: 8mm & 10mm

● Stones: Natural Tiger Eyes & Micro Pave

● Gender: Unisex, Good Matching for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Daughter, Son, Mom, Dad, Lover, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend

● Stone Shape: Round

● Bracelet Shape: Adjustable, Beaded, Stackable

● Bracelet Size: 19 cm 

● Delivery Time: 2 to 5 Days (INDIA)

● Shipping and Delivery Fee: Free 

● Payment Gateway: 100% Secured

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