Picture Jasper With Om Budha Charm Bracelet

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Picture-Jasper will enhance your creativity and boost your visualization skills. Whatever you put your mind on, and whatever you desire, you will find it easier to achieve because it will be very clear in your mind!



Picture jasper with om Bracelet Properties:

This Natural, fresh, and unique bracelet are one of a type! You will discover yourself looking down at it all day long!! . All the gemstone bracelets are best designed as the optimistic idealism. This bracelet has a fresh, calm, and smooth touch. The bracelet also consists of healing wellness, curing it, enhancing willpower, and providing you extraordinary peace. This bead bracelet contours well onto the form of your wrist for comfy wear.
This bracelet measures approx. the bracelet approximately measured with 19 cm long one is 6mm, and the other is 8 mm beads size with the eye-catchy beaded bracelet. This unique bracelet features Picture jasper stone beads paired with OM Buddha beads. Use this bracelet single or pair it with other bracelets to give your wrist a classy covered glance.

● Healing● Relaxation● Compassion● Tranquillity● Nurturing● Contentment● Consolation● Completion

Benefits of Picture Jasper

A fostering, protecting marble, Picture Jasper brings calmness & alleviates fear. Picture Jasper brings hidden feelings to the surface for healing, such as guilt, fear, hatred, and love, as well as thoughts that have been pushed aside or repressed. It provides the positive attitude to face such type of term when it comes into someone’s life it’s jasper property helps heal the pain, calm the uncertain condition, and suites the soul. It instills a sense of proportion and harmony in the system and allows one to see the joy in simple things. Picture Jasper is incredibly protective during childbirth. It is a grounding and balancing stone with a stable association with the earth. It is believed to encourage feelings of duties towards the globe, Helpful a need to care for & defend it.

Benefits of Buddha

Buddha is known to be lucky & will bring about the wisdom of joy. He is said to bring superior power & serve up as religious inspiration as Budha symbolized real knowledge and life truth. It helps the wearer what and how to attain the actual value of your life. It is a reminder to follow the Four Noble Truths; Life is Full of Suffering, Suffering is Caused by Craving, Suffering will Cease when Craving Dies.

Benefits of OM Charm

Om symbol represents Pranava, to means that it pervades life & runs through our breath. It is seen as the supreme of all mantras. Om relates to God, who is generous of an experience, a symbol of oneness and insight. The large bottom curve symbolizes the waking state ‘A’ the middle bend signifies the dream state, “U” The upper curve denote the condition of a deep sleep, “M” the dot indicates the fourth state of awareness, “Turiya” The half a circle at the top denotes Maya & separate it from the other three curves. It makes us realize the delusion of Maya that creates the problem and obstacles in life. OM is considered the most sacred mantra. It establishes the cosmos sound that directly relates to om. Repetition of OM enables us to keep up mental & emotional peace, defeat obstacles & enable understanding.

Product Details:

• Length: Approx.19cm | 7.09 inches
• Bead Size: 6mm & 8mm
• Stones: Natural Picture Jasper with Buddha Charm & Om
• Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
• Stone Shape: Round
• Bracelet Shape: Adjustable, Beaded, Stackable
• Bracelet Size: 19 cm
• Delivery Time: 2 TO 3 Days (INDIA)
• Shipping and Delivery Fee: Free


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