Natural Onyx & Picture Jasper With Zircon Bracelet

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● The natural stones have a fresh and soft touch. The rocks also have divine wellness and curing properties. This bead bracelet contours well onto the shape of your wrist for calming wear.
● Wear this classy, spiky bracelet feature cheerful-feeling round stylish natural black onyx stone beads.
● Matte Onyx and Jasper’s combination with Zircons will express its owner’s flair and uniqueness to everyone around.
● Whoever wears it Benefits that are ideal for the whole year.
● This Bracelet has Unique properties with a stylish look.
● This Bracelet is 100% authentic.


● Black Onyx gives you an affirmation look & there is no superior way than to fit in it in the form of a bracelet. If you go for a flexible beaded Black Onyx bracelet, it will be a massive substitute for a relaxed or stylish look.
● It brings happiness by alleviating doubts and wealth—the purpose of thoughts. Help out in decision-making. Onyx Gives power and control.
● The meaning of Black Onyx will power and energy refining. It is supposed to defend its holder from evil spirits and complex situations.
● This gemstone is also symbolizing incredible wealth. It also gives the wisdom of self-confidence.
● The black shade of the gemstone reflects its untouched and peaceful nature.
● Onyx gives power. It promotes strength, dedication, and strength.


● The Jasper comes from the familiar & in ancient times. It was equivalent to quartz. The marble of victor considered it.
Picture-Jasper is an enormous marble for meditation because it will join your perception with the earth.
● It will illustrate to you how you can be economically responsible to benefit from being here in this world and other people and other living things.
● It’s a protecting and development stone that will bring you to soothe during your low days. It will also ease your fears and eradicate your doubts.
● Picture-Jasper will improve your imagination and enhance your fantasy skills.
● Picture-Jasper will give you the potency and understanding to bear painful or frustrating experiences, especially ones that affect you, your partner, or your relationship.


● Zircon is well-known for being one of the oldest gemstones in the whole world.
● This precious stone is considered proficient at boosting your intellectual capability and improving your psychological faculty.
● It can allow the user to discover the potency to be self-reliant and to assist in revealing deceitfulness.
● The Zircon can help a pregnant lady give birth much more without difficulty, and it can reinforce your heart.

Product Information:

● Stones: Onyx with Jasper with Zircons
● Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
● Bead Size: 6mm Onyx
● Vintage item
● Stone Shape: Round
● Bracelet Shape: Adjustable, Beaded, Stackable
● Bracelet Size: 19 cm
● Delivery Time: 2 to 3 Days (INDIA)
● Shipping and Delivery Fee: Free
● Payment Gateway: 100% Secured


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